Whiter Teeth in Just 30 Minutes

Pure Spa and Salon now offers teeth whitening from NUYU. No longer will you have to struggle with stained teeth from years of food consumption or tobacco use and gimmicky drugstore whitening strips or toothpaste. Pure’s teeth whitening procedure is FDA approved and even those with the most sensitive teeth will be surprised by this no-pain service. Using LED technology and a citric acid free formula, a preservative commonly found in many over-the-counter whitening products that causes irritability and sensitivity, you are now able to enhance your teeth’s coloring up to 14 shades whiter.

How will it react with my teeth?

Individual results derive from genetics and condition of teeth. Yellow stains are the easiest to remove, with brown stains being a little more difficult and gray colored stains are the most difficult to remove and usually require multiple sessions. If you have caps/crowns/veneers, porcelain, composite (white) filling, or another form of teeth restoration then our teeth whitening process will erase stains accumulated on them to revert them to their original appearance. Results will be elongated with avoidance of enamel-stripping substances like whitening strips, sugar and soda and abrasive or silica containing drugstore toothpaste. We typically see 6 to 8 shades improvement within the first session and 1 to 3 shades improvement with each following treatment.


Once your teeth whitening session ends, we ask that you don’t drink anything that could stain a white t-shirt. This includes tea, soda and red wine. Your teeth are more porous after whitening and with intake of colored liquids you could potentially stain your teeth even more than they were initially. In addition, use the whitening pen which comes with your service three times within 24 hours of your appointment. This will lock in the results and lighten your teeth a shade or two more.

An appointment only lasts 30 minutes for our amazing introductory price of $149 and with your service you will receive a free whitening pen (a 30 dollar value) for touch ups as needed. Become confident in your smile with Pure! Book before the introductory period ends for an amazing deal.