Massage Therapy

Swedish Massages, Couples’ Massages and More in Dallas, TX

Experience a relaxing massage in Dallas, TX by the best massage therapist at Pure Spa and Salon in Dallas. A massage can help renew your body and you feel refreshed. Massage is a great way to relax your muscles and ease the tension that everyday stress can cause.

Pure Spa and Salon offers the following types of massages: Couples Massage, Foot Massage, Hand Massage, Prenatel Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage , Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Cold Stone Massage.  Contact us today to set an appointment for the best massage in Dallas.

Traditional Massage

A traditional Swedish massage; includes complimentary aromatherapy of your choice

25 minutes     $65

50 minutes     $99

80 minutes     $144

Hot Stone Massage

Hot river stones are used to massage away stress and warm and relax the body.

25 minutes     $75

50 minutes     $118

80 minutes     $158

Hot And Cold Stone Massage

A unique massage that incorporates both hot and cold stones.  Using Swedish style massage strokes, the therapist alternates using relaxing hot stones with refreshing cool stones; great for migraine sufferers.

25 minutes     $60

50 minutes     $125

80 minutes     $160

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage will help relieve muscle soreness and is a favorite of the fitness conscious.  Deep work concentrates on working out knots in the muscles and helps alleviate muscle soreness.

25 minutes     $70

50 minutes     $115

80 minutes     $155

Master Sports Massage

Out of all our outstanding therapists only a select few have met our demanding criteria to become a master massage therapist at Pure Spa. These few therapists are world-class with decades of experience and there insatiable curiosity and passion for understanding massage make them pioneers of their profession.  They have worked with pro athletes and have a request list running at all times. If you want a deep therapeutic massage, this is it.

50 minutes $135

80 minutes $180

Prenatal Massage

Special massage for moms-to-be after the first trimester of pregnancy.

25 minutes   $70

50 minutes   $109

Medical Cupping

Medical cupping helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and well-being. Medical cupping helps to improve local circulation and draw toxins out through the skin.

25 minute Medi cupping $79

50 minute Medi cupping $135

Couple’s Massage:

Any of our massages can be enjoyed with your special someone in our unique couple’s treatment room.

Massage Upgrades:

Aromatherapy hot towel treatment $20

Parrafin hand treatment $15

Extended 15 minute hand and foot massage $25

CBD massage lotion upgrade $25

Backscratcher back exfoliation $20

Combine 3 or more spa services* and receive a 10% discount

*Spa Services include facials, massages, body treatments, spa nail services and non-facial waxing.  The following services are not eligible for the create your own package discount:  basic nail services, footbaths, facial waxing and any treatment upgrades.

Please call 214-827-4200 to schedule your Pure Spa experience today or book online.

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