Botox Treatment in Dallas, TX

The Problems with Aging, that can be solved with Botox® Cosmetic:

  • The lines that appear between your brows (frown lines)
  • Worry lines on forehead
  • Sagging eye brow
  • Crow’s feet (smile lines)

Botox® Cosmetic, sometimes called “a facelift in a bottle”, is a purified protein. When small doses are injected directly into the muscles, impulses from the nerves to the injected muscle causing the wrinkles are blocked – allowing them to relax. This relaxing of the muscle allows the skin to smooth out persistent lines that which developed over time.

Botox® treatments usually last about 10-15 minutes and keep the muscles that cause lines relaxed for up to 4 months. In some cases, with repeated treatments. Results are dramatic and apparent within days and unlike surgery it is fast, simple and minimally invasive.

If you’re considering anti-aging wrinkle treatment and are interested in understanding how Botox® can help you look younger and healthier we invite you to schedule a free consultation.

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Common Questions About Botox® Cosmetic Treatment

Where is Botox® Cosmetic Used?

It is most effective for wrinkles that are visible when smiling, laughing, raising the eyebrows or for crow’s feet around the eyes. These wrinkles are called “dynamic” and tend to be much less noticeable when your face is completely relaxed. It also works well for bands in the neck.

Am I a good candidate?

The best candidates for the procedure are those between ages of 25 and 65. In many cases, wrinkles in people over 65 are “static” and do not change when relaxing the face. Other procedures would work better for these patients, including Restylane injections. Each person is different however, and should undergo a consultation to determine the most effective treatment plan.

How is Botox® Cosmetic Administered?

A very small amount of Botox® Cosmetic is injected into each of the target areas using a very small needle. Because the needle is fine, only a small amount of the liquid is injected and the associated discomfort is minimal. Most patients compare the sensation to a light pinch. No sedation or local anaesthetic is necessary and you can resume normal activities immediately afterwards.

Are the Botox® injections painful?

Botox injections are very small and done with a tiny needle that usually does not cause discomfort. The pressure sensation associated with the injection goes away very quickly and patients can return to normal activities immediately after the procedure.

When will I notice the difference and how long will it last?

Botox®  treatment takes three to eight days to take full effect which sometimes can be hastened by contracting the facial muscles. The results usually last from 3 to 6 months. Often, repeated treatments can lead to longer results. The effects of Botox® Cosmetic are confined to the treatment sites.

What happens as treatment begins to wear off?

As the Botox treatment wears off the wrinkles will begin to reappear but frequently they are not as deep or noticeable. It requires three to four Botox®  injections to maintain the smooth, youthful appearance year round. With repeat treatments, the effects tend to last longer thus requiring fewer injections.

Is there any downtime?

No. Most people return to work or normal activities immediately following Botox treatment.

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Host a BOTOX Party

Where: You choose the venue the Spa or your home.
When: What works best for you and your guests. We need at least one week notice.
Guidlines and advantages for hosts:
The host gets a FREE Laser Facial. Guests pay $12.00 per unit. MUST have at least 6 guests getting Botox at the Party. Everyone must put a $100.00 deposit down a week before the scheduled party to secure the Time and Botox®.
What a great reason to host a PARTY!!!

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