‘Tis The Season of Pumpkin at Pure!

With these amazing deals and seasonal services, it will be easy to get back into pampering and relaxing at Pure Spa and Salon. Take your pick of our enticing Fall Specials: Pumpkin Spice Pedicure Your feet and legs will be gently exfoliated and softened using an all-natural Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub. The scrub is composed [...]

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Escape Winter at Pure Spa and Salon

During the harsh winter months it's important to keep your skin hydrated and rejuvenated. With our Winter Specials we make it an easy decision to keep yourself pampered. We have great facials with fruit enzymes to help your skin glow, body treatments to keep your skin soft and supple, and a soothing vanilla cinnamon pedi [...]

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Dry Skin Care Strategies

Treating dry skin is important because extensively dry skin can lead to dermatitis, a more severe inflammation of the skin. Try these tips for the bath or shower: Skip long, hot showers - Hot water strips oils from the skin faster than warm water. Long showers or baths actually result in dried  out skin. Try [...]

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5 Lifestyle Tips for Relieving Dry Skin

We have put together 5 Lifestyle Tips for Relieving Dry Skin. These tips can help make your skin supple and smooth during the dry winter months (even here in Texas): Plug in a humidifier at home to help keep skin hydrated when indoor air is dry during winter months. Wear cotton and other natural fibers. [...]

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