YANA™ is a daily anti-aging collagen drink that helps to rebuild and strengthen skin by boosting the body’s natural collagen production.

The clinical data supporting the science behind YANA™ speaks for itself, but when combined with an effective skin care regimen, YANA™ provides a revolutionary 360-degree approach to radiant, youthful skin.

powerofyanaThe team over at IMAGE recently launched YANA™, the first highly concentrated beauty liquid that helps skin regain and maintain it’s youthful appearance. One thing about YANA™- it tastes great. Having a shot a day will be no problem at all. .The formula contains hydrolyzed collagen peptides, photo-ceramides, biotin, ultra-nutraceutical antioxidant complex and pyridoxine HCL. All of these together create a formula to slow the loss of collagen while increasing collagen production, increasing firmness, supporting skin strength and rehydrating.

Oh, and did we mention it is sugar free, dairy free, soy free and gluten free?

Get excited!

We are now offering a shot of YANA™ for $10 as an add-on to your services… Complimentary on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday with any facial service.

You can also purchase a one month supply here at Pure for $100.

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