The Konjac sponge is a great new facial cleanser here at Pure Spa and Salon. Entirely made up of the Konjac root that is native to Asia, this sponge is 97% water that is rich in antioxidants and is neutral in PH. Being chemical, addidant, and irritant free this sponge leaves the skin perfectly balanced and moisturized. You can use this sponge with or without cleanser to deepen your skin care routine and enhance exfoliation.

The benefits of using the Konjac facial sponge include: a thorough cleanse of the facial pores, removal of blackheads, dirt and oil, gentle skin exfoliation, and elimination of excess sebum. It is suitable for all skin types and family members.

The different models of the Konjac facial sponge are:

The Natural sponge: Best on normal skin with no major issues.

The Lycopene sponge: Best on mature skin; stimulates collagen production and skin regeneration.

The Lavender sponge: Promotes relaxation and best on sensitive skin.

The Carbon sponge: For oily and acne prone skin, kills acne causing bacteria, and accelerates cellular regeneration.

The Green Tea sponge: Helps skin spots, sterilizes, and reduces inflammation.

The Tumeric sponge: Ideal for damaged skin or sunburns, rich in antioxidants.


These are also available in larger sized sponges for the body.

 These sponges are very affordable and last between 2-3 months. The facial sponges are $11, the body sponges $14. They are now available for purchase at purespaandsalon.com

For more information please visit our spa or call us at 214) 827- 4200

The Kojac sponge is currently our product of the month and is displayed at the front desk.