Summer Treatment Enhancers

Add one to your treatment today!

Grapefruit Foot Scrub – $12

This organic grapefruit infused scrub exfoliates dry skin and the natural oils moisturize and hydrate leaving your feet feeling smooth & refreshed.
* add to massages or facials

Grapefruit Backscratcher – $12

Using sugar and grapefruit oil, this organic scrub exfoliates while oils moisturize your back leaving skin soft, smooth, and glowing.
* add to massages

Citrus Peel – $25

Containing grapefruit and Vitamin C, the gentle yet effective enzymes speed up cellular turnover lightening & brightening all skin types, including rosacea & sensitive skin.
* add to most facials

CBD Massage Cream – $20

Upgrade your massage lotion to CBD lotion. CBD lotion helps reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness.
* add to massages

Dry Brushing Exfoliation – $25

Brush is yours to take home following the service.
Continue using brush at home in the bath or shower.
* add to massages

Please let your service provider know if you would like to add on any of these enhancers to your services today!

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