Experts estimate that 80 percent to 90 percent of disease is stress-related. A massage and bodywork is there to combat that frightening number by helping us remember what it means to relax. The physical changes a massage brings to your body can have a positive effect in many areas of your life. Besides increasing relaxation and decreasing anxiety, getting a massage lowers your blood pressure, increases circulation, improves recovery from injury, helps you to sleep better and can increase your concentration. It reduces fatigue and gives you more energy to handle stressful situations.

A massage is a perfect elixir for good health, but it can also provide an integration of body and mind. By producing a meditative state or heightened awareness of living in the present moment, a massage can provide emotional and spiritual balance, bringing with it true relaxation and peace.

Pure Spa and Salon creates a therapeutic atmosphere with clean crisp linens and smells of lavender lotion, eucalyptus hot towels on your feet and back while getting a relaxing message. Plus after your massage you can take time to  shock in the whirlpool and eucalyptus steam cave and finally rinse off in our rain showers. At the same time we try and make it affordable offering a monthly maintance program where you can get a 50 minute massage and retreat in our water house for $69 per month. So treat yourself to a healthier you and call today 214-827-4200 or book online. Mention the blog and get your first 50 minute massage at Pure Spa for $69.00.