It’s hard to believe the year is almost over and that we’ve now entered the Autumn season. As most of us are looking forward to pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING and the temperature getting chilly, the one thing we sure won’t be excited for is dry brittle hair. Experts say it is a few common factors that contribute to what we call “Winter Hair” and that is 1) harsh cool winds, and 2) indoor heating. Most women think to protect their hair from the damaging sun rays during melting summer months, but keeping good habits going through until the winter season will save you hair in the freezing and icy temperatures as well.

Pure Spa and Salon has the perfect solutions for you! One of our favorite products on our shelves is the Moroccan Oil Hair product line. The Moroccan Oil Treament is nourishing and non greasy. It can be used for hydrating, pre- styling or as a  finishing tool to smooth frizz. This hair treatment repairs as its pharmaceutical grade formula restores lost proteins for strength (including: fatty acids and omega-3 oils) it adds vitamins for shine, and antioxidants for protection. Hair absorbs it instantly to rehydrate hair that has been damaged by heat, styling, and environment changes.

This amazing oil treatment is infused in the whole line, including it’s shampoo’s and conditioners, deep conditioners, styling products such as mousse, root boost, and hairspray, and as well as two options of the original oil treatment.

The oil treatments comes in two types, the LIGHT (white stripe on bottle) for thinner hair or chemically treated hair such as blondes or highlighted hair. The second is the bottle shown on the right, for normal weighted or longer hair. This oil treatment contains other natural oils and is slightly heavier than the LIGHT. Both treatments are a great solution for dehydrated or brittle hair and offers a great defense to tackle your way through the winter months, looking fabulous!

In acknowledgement of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pure Spa & Salon plans to donate 10% of all sales of Moroccan Oil Hair Products to the Susan G. Komen Foundation