Hair Extenstions can add volume, color, &  lenght

Here at Pure Spa and Salon we now offer the highest quality EHP hair extensions for those who want to change there look by adding a pop of color, longer locks, or volume!  We have a  wide spectrum of colors and lengths, so we can help you choose the right kind of extensions for your hair. We also provide hair products to help you properly maintain your extensions. They look completely natural in any woman’s hair. Book your consult with Kristen Parrish today, who is highly trained and certified to install your new extensions. We know that you will absolutely love your extensions and how they look in your hair.

Hair Extensions are an investment in yourself, and at Pure Spa and Salon, we believe it is the best investment you will ever make. We know a woman’s hair is one of the most important things about her – directly affecting how she feels day-to-day. Extensions can boost your self-confidence and turn those heads as you walk by.


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