Your experts at The New You Med Spa want to share a few facial exercises to reduce signs of aging. For facial exercises to work effectively you need to follow a proper program – learn to do them correctly and make sure you repeat them regularly. Just like regular exercise you have to stick with it to see results!

When you do the exercises if your nails are long wear soft cotton gloves to avoid scratching your face; keep relaxed throughout and sit in front of a mirror as you exercise.  It is always best to do them when you aren’t pushed for time and when you are not tired. Add them in to your morning routine to wake up and give your skin a jump-start!

We always want to remind everyone not to get discouraged if you don’t get the exercise straight off – you probably need a bit of practice before you can do each exercise easily.

Eyelid Exercise

The first exercise aims to tone and lift the upper eyelid area to get rid of the droopiness that comes with facial aging.  It comes from Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness program.  Eva is a world known facial exercise expert who has been practicing from a salon in London for many years.

Eyelid Exercise Steps:

1. Look straight ahead into the mirror throughout this exercise

2. Curve index fingers under eyebrows then raise your eyebrows and hold against the bone

3. Close lids and stretch upper eyelids downwards in 5 small movements

4. Hold for a count of 6

5. Release the squeeze slowly in 3 counts

6. Open lids, Relax, Breathe

7. Repeat twice

*Alternatively place 4 fingers of each hand just under the line of eyebrows and proceed as above.