This exercise comes from Senta Maria Runge who had a popular TV series in America in the 80′s, and wrote a book Face Lifting by Exercise that is still in print. She is widely credited with being influential in the development of many subsequent programs like Carole Maggio’s Facercise.

One of the many areas women worry about as they get older is the chin. No one wants to have a double chin, which is why we wanted to share this exercise with you.

Remember to repeat these exercises regularly, and don’t get discouraged or frustrated if you can’t get the exercise right off.

Exercise for Double Chin

1.  Hold chin slightly upward

2.  Place the flat part of the middle and index fingers against the hollow at the end of the larynx which is just under the back of the chin where it runs down into the neck.  Don’t worry too much about finding the correct position – it will become clear when you feel the muscle movement as you do the exercise.

3.  Hold this position with your hand and keep your back teeth firmly together

4.  Press the tip of your tongue against the gum line of your lower front teeth. Increase pressure gradually to a count of 10 – you should feel the muscle in your neck working against your hand.

5.  Once you reach maximum pressure hold for 6 seconds.

6.  Gradually reduce pressure counting to 10 as you do so.

7.  Relax and then repeat another 3 times.