1406608011colorwowblogSalon-fresh color certainly looks and feels divine, but maintaining it, while still being kind to your hair, can be a challenge.

An easy and inexpensive way hair care experts at Pure Spa and Salon recommend keeping your style and color looking spectacular is award winning Color Wow Root Cover-Up. It’s literally a compact way for you to maintain your own color and camouflage new growth between salon visits. Professional root touch-ups are essential to your hair’s long-term look, but when your schedule is too hectic to come in and see us, Color Wow’s brush-on color concealer for hair lets you show off your style with confidence instead of hiding those roots under a hat.

How Does Color Wow Work?

Color Wow’s Root Cover-Up system isn’t a dye, so it won’t interfere with your color when you come in for a full color treatment. The powder-like formula looks a little like an eyeshadow in a compact and comes with its own two-sided brush.


Applying Color Wow

Pick up the powder on the brush, hold your hair in its part or pull it back from your forehead to give you a smooth canvas to paint, and stroke the product onto your roots. Shimmer in the powder makes it a natural match for your hair’s shine and lets you blend roots seamlessly with the rest of your style. The richly pigmented formula can even cover stubborn grays and conceal dark roots in blonde hair. With a range of hues from platinum to black, most wearers can find the right shade to fill in roots and keep hair color looking fresh.

Color Wow For Highlights

We love Color Wow for highlighted hair too. Growing out dramatic highlights is easy when you can fill in the roots for a natural sun-kissed look. Use the small brush to apply the product precisely and for maximum coverage. Join the Root Cover-Up zone with the rest of the highlight and use the wide end to blend it into the rest of the highlighted strand. This way you eliminate any harsh lines. If you apply too much, all you need is a brush and a blow dryer to bring back your style. Think of it as brow filler for your hair.

With two Allure Best of Beauty awards to its name already, Color Wow’s clever little compacts are a revolution in at-home hair care. Keep your roots at bay for weeks, and enjoy your Pure Spa and Salon salon style even when you’re between visits.